Top Five Contemporary Romance Novels of 2011

2011 was an excellent year for new contemporary romances. These books featured varying plots and story elements, so there was something for every reader, but each novel also featured an exhilarating love story.

One of the most popular contemporary romances of the year was "Chasing Fire" by Nora Roberts. It follows the story of Rowan, a smoke jumper, and her attraction to fellow firefighter. Another romance with an action-packed story was "Breaking Point" by Pamela Clare. This story blends Read more…

Seattle Reading Scene: Where to Find Local Book Clubs

Seattle Reading Scene: Where to Find Local Book Clubs

Get Aquatinted With Your Local Bookstores
If you love to read, then you should join a book club. In fact, why only join one book club when you can get involved in many? Therefore, you need to figure out where the best place is to meet new people and join a club. The top three best places to find a great book club are the library, the local bookshop and online. However, getting involved with your local independent bookstores Read more…

Best Novels to Share with Kids for Halloween

Everyone loves the rush of adrenaline that comes from reading a scary story. At Halloween, we particularly enjoy indulging ourselves in a extra helping of fright. As kids begin to read and graduate from looking at picture books or reading simple stories to enjoying novels, they also enjoy the suspense of a good, spooky tale. Consider sharing these titles with young readers as Halloween approaches:

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ray Bradbury’s classic tale about the dark carnival thrills young readers as they follow two young heroes on Read more…

Should You Be Hungry for the Hunger Games?

If you have a television, a radio or an internet connection than there is a very slim chance you have escaped the worldwide coverage of the Hunger Games movie. While you may have heard some things about the movie, everyone knows that you have to go to the source and the question you ought to be asking yourself before you throw on the ADT home security and drive out to that movie is if the book was any good?

It depends on what you are looking for. As far as the story and the setting and the concept, the author really hasn’t done anything new here. A Tale of Two Cities explored the divide and prejudice between classes, the whole “death competition” was done in Battle Royale and the dystopian future has been done to death in most contemporary fiction to this day. Even the style of writing really fails to breathe new life into the story. However, where the story succeeds is in its ability evoke the immature and adolescent angst of young adult life. That may be why it has been such a success with the kids, but if you are looking for something a little more original and self-realized, you might have better luck with Orson Scott Card.

Top Five Technological Innovations Taken From Science Fiction

In recent decades, many innovations that were originally part of science fiction books have come into existence. Here are five of the most prolific and highly used inventions from fiction.

1.) When comparing science fiction writing and current events, it is impossible to leave out George Orwell’s “1984″. The novel written in 1949 has the main antagonist, Big Brother; make use of television monitors to view citizens and their actions. Closed Circuit TV debuted in the United Kingdom decades later.
2.) Al Gore was not the first to conceive the Internet; it may have been Mark Twain. Back in 1898, Twain wrote “From the London Read more…

Best Novels to Read Aloud with Young Children

Reading to a child is an intimate activity and a bonding experience. From an early age children are bombarded with computers, video games, and other technological distractions, and although technology should be introduced to a child when they are young, for this is a technological world after all, it should not take the place of the written word.

Children love picture books. Some of the best books to read to a child are books with beautiful artwork and simple, but poignant, storylines. Books that will both Read more…

How to Encourage Young Kids to Read More Books

Reading books should be something everyone wants to do. Not only to expand knowledge but to expand creativity and imagination also. Reading should be fun and the book should leave the reader wanting to read more.

Children of all ages should be encouraged to read more books more often. In order to encourage your children to read more books, you should follow your own example of reading more. It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you do it as often as possible. Whether it is fiction, poetry or non-fiction, reading should be something enjoyable.

There are many ways Read more…

Five Classic Novels Children Will Not Read in School

Given the uphill battle educators face, getting any book at all into the hands of a student can feel like a victory. That being said, there are a few worthwhile novels that your child-s teachers may be overlooking.

Hard Times, Charles Dickens

Sometimes a good book seems to slip through the cracks without attracting much attention, and such is the case with Hard Times. Do not be deterred by its relative obscurity; the novel- Read more…